"Tracy has been such a help with our anxious dog who has a compulsive disorder. She has helped us develop and implement a plan to improve our pup's behavioral challenges. Her calm manner and positive reinforcement training techniques has helped our dog gain confidence, as well as helped us gain confidence as her owners. Tracy responds quickly, is very thoughtful in her approach and has even joined our sessions with our veterinary behaviorist.  We are very grateful to Tracy for helping us meet our dog's needs!"

Katy, Seattle, WA

"I am very happy to recommend you Tracy as you are a compassionate and caring dog trainer. You take the time to listen and understand, and then you teach techniques and provide materials in an organized way that address the things that were important to me. As we brought Ellie, our rescue dog to our home, your information was critical in teaching me how to safely introduce her to people and how to get her settled in her new environment. I very much appreciate your time and your gentle teaching; Ellie appreciated your delicious treats and I know that my relationship with Ellie is better for the time we all spent together."

Joan, Kenmore, WA

"I'm so glad I reached out to Tracy before getting my new puppy! She helped me prepare for his arrival, as well as working with me on training tips during his first few months with me. One of the biggest things I learned from her was how to fulfill his herding drive (he's an Australian Shepherd) both physically and mentally. He's grown into a great companion with a very balanced temperament - he loves to run and hike, but enjoys lazy days at home too. He used to be way too crazy to handle, so I'm glad Tracy was able to help me find good outlets for his energy!"

Hannah, Seattle, WA

"Tracy really helped me and my family with a difficult dog case. With her vast knowledge and sincere compassion, she provided information for immediate interventions and helped us know we weren't alone in the journey with our dog. She was organized and communicative, and gave us step-by-step instructions for trainings in between sessions. I appreciated her non-judgmental attitude and gentle nature - with both our family and our dog."

Shannon, Issaquah, WA

"Tracy helped us make large strides towards achieving our training goals and equipped us with the tools we need to continue improving. She used her depth of knowledge to create a training program tailored to our specific needs, making adjustments according to our dog’s temperament and energy. Tracy provided detailed written feedback after our meetings and responded immediately to any questions we had between sessions. Tracy is a total pro and we would recommend her services to any person motivated to bring the best out of their dog."

Drew, Seattle, WA

"Charlotte (dog): 'She got me! She got me!'
Jan (human) : 'Tracy combines her own deep body wisdom, years of trained observation, and education in animal behavior into a wonderful and practical mix that makes even weary owners and troubled dogs find joy in their relationship and safety in exploring the world together.'"

Jan, Mercer Island, WA

"After I adopted my dog from a local rescue, Tracy enthusiastically offered to help train him. She did so in a way that felt very personal, engaged and natural. She was very attentive and patient with me too!"

Simone, Seattle, WA